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After building my business bot, my work just got 100 times easier than before. I feel like I hired someone to handle all the customer queries. With Chatbot, I’m able to communicate with our customers without actually hiring extra staff. Bot saves a lot of our time longer than expected UI flows.

“ My customers had been asking about getting a discount via online platform for so long.”

It would be a lie if I say bot building is easy. For me, setting up AI was the best part because that is what directs customers to different blocks. I still don’t know how to use some features under ‘more’ category. But my limited knowledge is still helpful to my business.

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“I was so tired of answering similar questions to my customers everyday. I had no idea what to do. But then I came across HBOT chatbot building platform “

I think the best feature comes under analytics where we can keep a track of potential customers by creating users ID for each one of them. I still don’t understand what is the need for ‘Quick reply’ when we can make our customers much clear by providing carousel. I also never used ‘Set attributes’ feature. Overall, the simple features such as carousel, adding images and videos serves the main purpose of business. It does not require technical knowledge and coding experience to create a simple chatbot through HBOT platform. Of course to make it little more advance, user might need little more technical knowledge.

“Chatbot revolution is coming”

In overall, I believe that a chatbot revolution is coming, so I suggest everyone to incorporate it in their business for the better outcome. What’s better than having a perfect platform available for that?

“There is always a more to discover don’t limit your customer service by using a bot which is not capable enough to give you more options that your business deserve”

Check Hedbot website where I builded my amazing bot.

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