HBUS — When Two Paths Diverge

San Francisco, CA
June 26th, 2018

There are many times when a company wants to go in a certain direction that cannot be pursued using existing corporate structure, management, and culture. That’s why we hear many times of spin outs, etc.

Huobi, as our exclusive U.S partner, is a totally separate legal entity from HBUS. Therefore, our new appointment of our CEO is not anyone from Huobi ranks, but a local Silicon Valley resident who has been on the forefront of innovation for the past several years.

Frank Fu, comes from a background in corporate development, strategy, sales and investing as a corporate development executive at Meitu Global and a long-time resident of the Peninsula.

Because HBUS is based in San Francisco, we are very happy to announce someone who can relate to the specific needs of the Silicon Valley ecosystem and help us acquire talent and navigate through the complexities of U.S. regulations.

We are happy to announce this major milestone into our becoming an established player in blockchain in the U.S. and hope to take major steps to build our own corporate identity and culture separate from our strategic partner Huobi in a way that will be more appropriate to the U.S. residents that we serve. 

Disclaimer: HBUS is not an “arm,” “subsidiary,” “division,” or any type of “affiliate” of Huobi. Nor is HBUS to be referenced as “Huobi US” or any variant thereof. HBUS is the “exclusive US strategic partner of Huobi,” and Huobi is “the world’s leading provider of virtual currency related services.”

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