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Share The Pumpkin~Demo Video

I created an app that connect urban farmers with urban foragers. The app works simply by tracking which type of pumpkin the farmer is growing and then attaches a description and a GPS photo of the pumpkin(s). With this amount of quantitative and qualitative data the researchers can track where pumpkins are growing in the urban area and also help share pumpkins with kids who want to carve one for the traditional american holiday, halloween.

The experience of designing and building an app in a weekend was fantastic. I have only done this one other time in eighth grade when I made a game called fruity, but this time unlike then I had design and aesthetic experience on my side. Plus not only did I have more experience I wasn’t just randomly making an app I was doing it for HCDE 210 so I had a purpose. It was a combination of skill and purpose that led to a new flagship show and tell project.

Creating / refining the idea of our product.

I enjoyed many aspects of this project but I diffidently liked coming up with the mock screens and the idea itself the most. Coming up with the idea of gather pumpkin data and sharing it had to be the most fun aspects of this project. While many people in my class strived to create a universal or multi-foraging app I found something that I really enjoy (pumpkins) and ran with it. It was because I was constraining myself to solely pumpkins that I could make my app have a central theme which made coming up with the design and mock screens incredibly fun. I loved how I challenged the modern UI craze with sans fonts and I went with a Chalkduster fonts which are usually frowned upon by designers but it just worked and that made me extremely happy to implement. I also enjoyed making the yah and nah buttons because all to frequently people are concerned with being perfectly grammatically correct and in this app I wanted to give it a personal touch.

A digital illustration of my logo with #ShareThePumpkin

Hopefully data collection apps like Share the Pumpkin could be integrated into mainstream apps such as Instagram to solve the problem that many urban residents have which is they have a producing plant but they can’t use all of the fruit and it goes to waste. If they used instagram to share a picture of their apple tree those apples wouldn't rott. I think it is ideas like these that are key to urban gathering and making sure that food doesn’t go un-eaten. By posting or tweeting a photo of that apple tree

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