02/17/2017 Client Meeting

We went over our presentation with our client to let them know about our findings. Overall, our client was satisfied with our research, but she also gave us some feedbacks.

Feedback from JFCS


From our interviews it was shown that refugees have huge trust in their community. However, our client told us that is not always true. She stated that depending on certain communities, refugees does not hope to get connected. She gave us an example of a time when refugee told the JFCS not to mention to the community about his/her current situation. (Also, it is important to keep in mind that JFCS is the one who connects refugee to their community).

Overseas CO

There is definitely miscommunication happening. Our client stated that overseas CO does not promise anything during their session. They may have stated that they might, if they are lucky, be able to get $10/hour job, but never promise anything. Also, our client mentioned that sometimes community is the cause of misunderstanding. People from community tells them “such and such has nice paying job” without explaining to them that cost of living is lot higher in the specific area.


Our client agreed with our findings that language is a huge barrier. They expressed frustration in the fact that they cannot teach them intensive english because refugee must find work to support themselves.

They explained that it is very hard to explain to the welfare that refugee needs time to learn english before they find a job. Welfare people believes that they have already provided the refugees with safety therefore they -refugees - should go and try their best to find a job to support themselves independently.

Regarding money, our client mentioned that sometimes they see the reverse role between parent and children. Because they understand the language children sometimes take the role of parent — taking care of money issues however sometimes that does not end well because children does not understand the value of money.


After we received feedbacks of our presentation, we went over solutions we have devised, which included

  1. Reverse Cultural Probe — we ask the community to take pictures of the places and things that they thought was important to know when they first came to the United States.
  2. Map of Pittsburgh which identifies the location of where community are located or currently in process of forming
  3. Budget Solution — design an app/calender that shows 1) how much they have now 2) necessity thing they should buy 3) how much money they have left after.