The HCIL at IEEE VIS 2020

Niklas Elmqvist
Oct 21, 2020 · 3 min read

Visualization research to be presented at top academic conference.

Sunset on the Mesa Arch, Canyonland National Park, Utah. Photo by Akash Dutta on Unsplash.

Next week, on October 25 to 30, is the annual IEEE VIS 2020 conference, the premier event for academic research on data visualization. In theory, the conference was supposed to take place in Salt Lake City, and home of the SCI Institute at University of Utah, a powerhouse of academic visualization research. This would have been a nice and symmetric event given that the conference last visited Salt Lake City in 2010, but then the pandemic happened, and so now the conference is all virtual.

One of the benefits of this is that you don’t have to travel to Utah to attend the conference; in fact, the conference organizers opted to make the conference free to attend this year! To sign up, go to the registration page, where you can register to attend entirely gratis (or pay $10 to also get access to the downloadable content).

The HCIL will be represented at IEEE VIS 2020 in several ways:

  • The IEEE VGTC 2020 Visualization Career Award will be awarded to Catherine Plaisant! This award is given in recognition of Catherine’s lifetime career of research and service to the visualization community.
  • Catherine Plaisant will be presenting her work with students and colleagues on “Integrating Prior Knowledge in Mixed Initiative Social Network Clustering.” (Paper, Project)
  • Catherine Plaisant will be presenting her work with students and colleagues on the TVCG paper “ Analyzing Dynamic Hypergraphs with Parallel Aggregated Ordered Hypergraph Visualization”. (Paper, Project)
  • Leilani Battle will be presenting her work on “A Structured Review of Data Management Technology for Interactive Visualization and Analysis” at the IEEE InfoVis 2020 conference. (PDF, Project)
  • Brian Ondov and Niklas Elmqvist will be presenting their full paper on “Revealing Perceptual Proxies with Adversarial Examples” at the IEEE InfoVis 2020 conference. (Blog post, PDF)
  • Leilani Battle will be presenting her work on “Kyrix-S: Authoring Scalable Scatterplot Visualizations of Big Data” at IEEE InfoVis 2020. (PDF, Project)
  • Pramod Chundury and Niklas Elmqvist will be presenting their work on “Once Upon A Time In Visualization: Understanding the Use of Textual Narratives for Causality” at the IEEE VAST 2020 conference. (PDF)
  • Leilani Battle will be presenting her work on the IEEE CG&A paper “A Provenance Task Abstraction Framework.” (PDF, Video preview)
  • Ben Shneiderman will be co-presenting a video tribute for Alfred Inselberg, a visualization pioneer who recently passed away.
  • Niklas Elmqvist served as one of the papers chairs for the IEEE InfoVis 2020 conference.
  • Zhicheng Liu served as co-chair for the VisInPractice program at IEEE VIS 2020.
  • Leilani Battle is a co-organizer of the Visualization for Social Good panel on Friday, October 30 at 12.00–1.30pm. (Video preview)
  • Catherine Plaisant will be a panelist during the VAST Challenge Workshop in the panel entitled “VAST Challenge: Beyond Awards.”
  • In addition, Jean-Daniel Fekete of INRIA, France, a friend and erstwhile visitor to the HCIL, will be awarded the IEEE VGTC 2020 Technical Achievement Award at the conference!

We look forward to seeing the HCIL represented next week at the conference, and we hope to see you there as well!

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