Image distortion is caused by lens imperfections. For the most part it can be acceptable, but too much needs correction.

Image Distortion In Photography And How To Fix Them

The distortion becomes very noticeable when shooting with a wide angle lens at a close distance from a bottom up perspective. This can be seen from the curved line effect on the exterior of the building, like it is bending outward.

Lens Distortion

Image with no distortion.
Barrel Distortion
Pincushion Distortion
Complex Distortion
Comparing distortion with no distortion.

Why We Need Correction

When it comes to interior and architectural photography, distortion can have a serious impact on the image. It looks unnatural to the viewer. The photos on the left are undistorted, compared to the photos on the right which have very noticeable distortion. Notice that the lines are not rectilinear (straight) but more curvilinear in appearance. This can be barrel distortion or pincushion distortion.

Correcting Distortion In Post

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