Not The Same As Batman vs. Superman

RAW format (L); JPEG format (R). Although the photo on the left might look underexposed and with less contrast, that is not the full story. You can further transform the original RAW image on the left using non-destructive editing. The photo on the right which is JPEG, is pretty much the final result. Any modifications to the original will alter it forever, unless you make a copy of the file first to work on.

JPEG, A De Facto Image Format

Image quality settings on a Nikon DSLR camera.
Compression ratios in Nikon DSLR cameras.

Learn To Shoot RAW

Image quality setting for RAW on a Canon DSLR.

When to use RAW or JPEG

The first steps to processing images from RAW files begins with image editing software.

Final Thoughts

JPEG image (unedited) shot with a Samsung SM-J600G smartphone camera. This requires no post and can be uploaded to the web right away.



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