NFTs and Gaming (Photo Credit: RODNAE Productions)

The Unfair Advantage Of NFTs In Traditional Gaming

Traditional gamers play for fun and competition. It requires good eye and hand coordination skills to win. NFTs might offer an unfair advantage if they are used to increase chances of winning to less skilled gamers. (Photo Credit by Ron Lach)

Why Use NFTs In Gaming?

An NFT is a digital asset that can represent in-game purchases like “weapons”, “super powers”, “prizes”, “special offers” and other assets. It stores the data about the assets in a public digital ledger (e.g. database) called a blockchain, that is decentralized and immutable. Decentralized means it is distributed across a network of computers, so there will always be a copy of its record even if one computer goes off the network. It is immutable, meaning once recorded on a blockchain it cannot be tampered with since it is protected by cryptographic techniques to secure the data.

Axie Infinity Game (Source Axie Infinity)

So Far So Good, But ….

Traditional gamers are more used to playing for entertainment. The more serious gamers have ESports, where they can compete with other gamers for prizes. In a sense, ESports has brought gaming to a more competitive level that involves money. That is understood, but it still follows traditional gaming norms in which the gamer’s skill level is the focus. For example, if you don’t have the knowledge or skill to play League of Legends competitively you shouldn’t even join a team at all. You will lose and that affects the team’s standing.

Call Of Duty, a favorite among first person shooters and action games. (Source Call Of Duty)


There seems to be a conflict between NFTs and traditional gaming. Established game titles like Call Of Duty or Ghost Recon were originally developed from a different time. Introducing NFTs will definitely change the game dynamics in many ways. What if an NFT was introduced in COD that allows a gamer to identify snipers before they can strike? That would be horrible for gamers who have specialized in sniping skills as a strategy.

Example of NFT game assets (Source Gala Games)



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