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ToF (Time-of-Flight) — A Depth Resolution Camera Technique

How ToF Works

d = r x t
In this illustration, the subject in the foreground is the cat. The background is the palm tree and grass. An emitted infrared signal will provide depth information by measuring the distance it takes to reflect the light back to the sensor. This means that the closer the subject is, the more precisely sharp the focus is to give it a shallow depth of field, blurring the background of the tree and the grass in the final image.
This is an example of a rendered depth map (bottom) of an image (top).


“…. measures the depth of objects with accuracy and AIS Long Exposure Shot, your portrait will be highlighted and the sharpness will be exuded to perfection. The background is then progressively blurred with different creamy effects to give a professional-level bokeh.”

This photo is an example of an image taken from the P30 Pro. Notice the background separation from the subject. The clear separation was produced by the ToF sensor along with AI software that gives the bokeh effect like it were taken with a high-end professional camera. (Source Huawei)

Bringing 3D Imaging To Retail

Final Thoughts



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