Crop factor in digital cameras

Understanding The Crop Factor In Cameras Determines Your FoV (Field of View)

The Camera Sensor

Comparison (not at scale) of full frame and cropped sensor Field of View (FoV)

Full Frame vs. Cropped Sensor

Common crop factor numbers and sensor formats (Source PhotographyLife)
f = crop factor x focal length
f = 1.5 x 50 = 75

Deriving The Crop Factor Number

a² + b² = c²
SQR(a² + b² = c²)
Full Frame Sensor: 36 x 24 mm = SQR(36² + 24² = 1872) = 43.27
APS-C Sensor : 25.1 × 16.7 mm = SQR(25.1² + 16.7² = 908.9) = 30.14
Crop Factor = 43.27 / 30.14 = 1.435
These two photos show the difference in FoV between a full frame sensor (top) and cropped sensor (bottom). The full frame sensor can capture more of the image, like a 35 mm camera. The cropped sensor has a smaller size, so it cannot capture the full circular image projected from the lens. However, the crop factor can give photographers an idea of what focal length to use with a cropped sensor camera to get a similar image shot with a full frame camera, captured from the same distance.




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