Metering modes and camera exposure

Using Light Metering Modes To Get Camera Exposure

Calculating The Exposure

  • N is the relative aperture (The F-stop)
  • t is the shutter speed (Exposure time)
  • L is the average scene luminance
  • S is the ISO (In terms of speed for film and brightness with digital sensors)
  • K is the reflected-light meter calibration constant

Exposure Meter

The exposure meter on the camera in red circle.

Types Of Metering Modes

Metering modes (Source Nikon)
Matrix Metering
ISO 400 f/16 1/250 sec
Spot Metering
ISO 250 f/3.3 1/125 sec
Center-Weighted Metering
ISO 200 f/11 1/2000 sec

Issues With Light Metering

Hand-held light meter (Source Wikipedia)




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