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Community Rebuilding Project

RIZON is summoning all scattered Rizonians to the new planet TITAN!

RIZON wishes to begin by rebuilding the Rizonian community. Therefore, RIZON is migrating to a new, fresh, and MAGNUS land, starting from our old Telegram channel.

The title of this mission is “community rebuilding project”.

This project will make the community more active and bring more newcomers to the channel by providing more activities such as Q&A sessions and filtering inactivated users and harmful bots. Through this rebuilding, the community is formed and operated by the Rizonians.

In order to do this, RIZON believes that it is inevitable to do that the existing members of the current telegram channel need to migrate to a new telegram channel.

Not to make the users confused, the existing RIZON official telegram channel will be open for 50 days, and RIZON will continue to announce the moving policy. However, RIZON will only announce the new policy and updated news on the new channel. https://t.me/rizon_atolo_eng

RIZON also decided to close the Chinese Telegram chatroom as well as the announcement channel, because the channel is mostly covered by the spammers’ harmful advertisements. The channel will be closed until the request for its re-opening

Once the telegram channel is migrated, RIZON is planning to hold diverse events to give rewards to the users who have actively contributed to the channels.


Korean community channel: migration to New address: https://t.me/rizon_atolo_kor
English community channel: migration to New address: https://t.me/rizon_atolo_eng
Chinese Community Channel: Temporarily closed
(a new channel is created upon request for activation)
Chinese Announcement Channel: Temporarily Closed

RIZON always appreciates all users and contributors in the RIZON Blockchain, and their participation is critical to the project’s success.



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