HackAtom HCMC 2021

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2 min readJun 21, 2021


The goal of RIZON is to become a digital currency hub for on-chain finance. RIZON is a Tendermint-based blockchain that can quickly respond to the demands of businesses.

Recently, RIZON released ‘Groot,’ an incentivized testnet, to expand its ecosystem and henceforth start to form its ecosystem actively.

To promote the new RIZON blockchain in the Cosmos network and to form positive relationships, we have decided to sponsor a Cosmos-based Hackathon titled ‘HackAtom.’

‘HackAtom’ is held online for 2 weeks from June 16th to July 2nd. Participants will develop ideas and new business models under the themes such as blockchain utilizing Cosmos SDK, NFT, De-Fi, and etc.

At the ceremony held on July 16th, Lee Kiho, the CCO of Hdac Technology, welcomed everyone and said “Cosmos has great potential to grow as a protocol. I hope this event can be a small but meaningful step for your journey. And I hope your team achieves huge success not only as a blockchain project but also as a tech company. The launch of our public blockchain, Rizon, is just around the corner. RIZON is the best choice for businesses as it supports effective business solutions with blockchain technology applied. We are going to work our best to make sure that RIZON will nourish the blockchain ecosystem.”

Through our all-year-round grant program, we plan on rewarding teams who contribute to the RIZON ecosystem in different areas including tool developments of explorer, wallet, and etc.

Participate in Testnet | https://discord.gg/DvZFA7mpuX

Testnet Explorer | https://testnet.mintscan.io/rizon/

Suggest a Partnership | biz@hdactech.com

We promise to continue to work to our best abilities to develop the RIZON ecosystem.

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