आ अब लौट चले- The need of this hour

Narendra Modi’s stated objective behind the demonetisation exercise is to flush out black money and bring it into the system. But it would seem his police force in Chhattisgarh does not agree.

Source: Demonetisation: How much unaccounted cash have the Maoists hidden in the forests?

This “surgical strike” has left many baffled. While many are busy recouping themselves personally and re-calibrating their surroundings, one reading that shouldn’t be missed is — Terrorist funding, Maoists in particular.

Several repeated attempts to negotiate a peaceful return by Maoists to mainstream have been hampered by political subsidence and fringe interests.
But this time , since the funding lakes seem to be dry there is an opportunity. If not a surrender (which is the establishments dear dream) an unbinding return to mainstream can be initiated and successfully completed. The usual mediators -media- may now turn blue (for there is nothing in return for them now), but they need to take the responsibility for their association in past.

More responsible should be the police and task force gunning around for stray elements, which may surface for an exchange. But a carpet instruction to take them clean under talks only, is the need of the hour. Sending a maple to this winter is the best thing possible in over this decade and may surprisingly ensure a series of such events.

As for the Maoists, realization by now should be driven in to take their cadres in and assemble in to the mainstream politics. Its just one ego stop away. They should return and rise the hope of a peaceful, educated, involved and better tomorrow for the tribal and urban India alike.