Why Organizations Prefer Hiring Freshers?

Most important part of an organization is to hire right candidates. Whether experienced or fresher, choosing the right one is the job of an HR. The question which arises is why to hire the fresher if you can hire an experienced one. Well a hell lot of reasons are there to hire a fresher. Lets see it from the view pint of an HR.

There are the reasons to hire a fresher:-

1. Freshers are easy to mold: Freshers only have the impressions of what is taught in school/Colleges. This helps the organization to mold them the way they wish so that they fill in the requirements of the company. This helps in making good team players. You can train them as per your need and they will happily accept it. Which in turn, helps the company to grow faster and maintain good working environment in the office.

2. Quick learner: Since freshers are easy to mold. It would be very easy for them to learn new things and at a much faster rate as compared to somebody who is set in his/her own ways. Freshers are those species of employees that can learn new things faster and retain them for longer period of time.

3. Team players: They are willing to make new contacts and learn from one another. This indirectly makes them a good team player as they want to work with more people and want to learn from them.

4. Lower attrition: Freshers are looking for experience and knowledge on the field. their only frame of reference is their current company and so are more insecure about making a job change and hence have a lower attrition rate.

5. Adaptive and open to innovation: Freshers lack work experience and to compensate for that they tend to work harder, putting a lot more effort. They can be put to work on any technology and with adequate training they can easily grasp that.

Comment below and tell me what is your idea behind hiring freshers. I would love to read your comments.

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