First Job Experience

My first blog comes after getting my first job. First job in general is a really big step change in life, but not in my case. From school life to college life we all enjoy a ‘bindas’ life, with a right amount of ‘swag’. Max fun, min responsibility and min tension is what we know as school and college.

There is a very negligible change in life from school to college, but then comes the final year of graduation. We start preparing ourselves for the professional world and start wondering how it is going to be.

Professional life means start acting like what you were not in college. You start hearing words like increased responsibility, more tension, politics, sycophancy, race and the list goes on.

Well, my experience? Yes, I was also getting myself prepare for these things. There is definitely increased responsibility, but I got my first job at such a place which doesn’t make you feel like you are somewhere else. Here, acquaintances are friends, no race, environment is as cool as possible with a lot of positive energy. They mix work with a right amount of fun, which is possibly the main reason of their growth and achievements.

Learning over? If you think leaning part is over, then you are over. After graduation, study life finishes but the real leaning phase starts.

Care for some tips? Keep everything managed, do what you love or find a way to start loving what you do. Money is important but as a fresher, learning is far more important. Learn more, earn more!!

I will keep sharing my experience and keep posting what I learn, so..

Keep Learning…


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