Questions. What not to ask an interviewer.

Job interviews are often stressful. But the source of the stress is that one question — “Will I get the job?” That is not the question you will be asking though. Employers expect prospective employees to be curious about the company. So they will ask you, “Do you have any questions?” Ensure that you ask only the right ones. But never ask these 5 questions, because if you do, you might as well not have turned up for the interview at all.


Never ask these 5 questions:

1. What are the benefits/package of this job?

Of course, we’re all looking for monetary gratifications from the upcoming jobs. But, by throwing this question at the interviewer at this crucial juncture, you may just be telling him: “Yes, I am money-minded”. Not the best impression you’d want to form! Does it not matter to you what the job role is as long as you get a good package? Greedy interviewees are seldom hired. And you don’t want to fall in that category.

2. Will I get the option to telecommute?

If your job profile talks of teamwork, then this question raises a question mark over your ability to work with teams. And telecommute is a facility offered to employees after they’ve proven their worth. The question by itself becomes pointless then. You would be asking a question that is likely to be answered in the negative. Maintain a positive interview atmosphere and drop this question from your list.

3. Why did the last person on this job leave?

‘How does it make a difference’ is a counter-question you need to ask yourself first. It does not affect the expectations that the employer will have from you. Project self-confidence. Offer to do such good work that they forget all the previous people in this job. Ask questions that tell you why this is the job you need to stay in and the company finds it mutually beneficial to hire you.

4. What sort of flextime options can I expect?

You need to show the interviewer that you would burn the midnight oil if needed. This question simply paints a picture that you’d rather relax than work for them. If you were applying for the post of a mystery guest in a hotel, then maybe the question would be just right. But you aren’t applying for a vacation. You are applying for a job. So shed that lethargic image you will build by asking this question. Because that perception significantly dents your chances of getting hired.

5. Is it necessary to ask questions?

Do not come across as disinterested by not asking any question at all. Ask questions regarding the challenges the company is facing and how you can help deal with some of them in your position, were you to be getting the job. Your questions should be sharp. Be attentive. The questions you ask must show how well you were listening during the interview, how keen are you for the job, and how much you have thought about it.

In a job interview, the employers are looking for someone who is good at what the job requires, has the personal qualities needed to gel well with the team, and will stick for the long run. The answers you give, and the questions you ask must convince them. Then the job is all yours. Now go ahead, ace that interview!

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