My Tweets


The text I chose to plug into wordle was every tweet I have tweeted since May 22, 2015. I would have gone further back, but Twitter stops retrieving tweets after a certain point. It was about two hours of copying and pasting into a word document. I excluded all retweets, hashtags, and people I tagged.

When I was playing with the appearance of this word cloud I wanted to keep with the Twitter theme so I went online and found the exact Twitter blue color code to use as the background with the white font color. I also went online to find out what font Twitter used so I could match it. Twitter uses Helvetica Neue, but that wasn’t an option in the font list so I tried to pick one that was as close to Helvetica Neue as I could get. I ended up using Gnuolane Free.

From my observation of reading my tweets and creating this word cloud, I’ve discovered that I tweet about school, work, family, fashion, and things I want/need a lot and most of my tweets are negative. My top 3 most used words are just, today, and want. I also noticed that I use filler words (which I hate) such as like, just, and super.

This word cloud has actually made me incredibly aware of what I tweet and since doing this assignment, I have been filtering what I say on twitter.

Now I want to make a word cloud for some celebrity twitter accounts to find out what words they tweet the most. I wonder if it would be similar to mine…