SONY SBH70 review

SONY SBH 70 review — Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Version 2015 / 2016

If you are searching for best sounding bluetooth earbuds. Relax…here they are. The SONY SBH 70 headphones are all about sound. The sound characteristic is linear with a warm BOSE like bass. The sound stage is wide due to the open headphone design. The source for the smooth bass are the big and beautiful designed headphone drivers. This sound performance even tops the great sound signature of the SOL REPUBLIC SHADOW WIRELESS bluetooth headphones which is just a bit more narrow.

But another feature joints the elevated sound quality level — Comfort! The comfort is pushed to the limits due to the lightweight neck part of the headphones. The earbuds itself are also very comfy because you don`t plug them into your ear channel. They just hang in your ears like the original Apple Earbuds.

The SONY SBH70 serve you with great sound from nowhere.

While wearing these headphones you’ll forget that they are physical existent. With a total weight of 0.9oz / 26g and the major part of the weight 0.7oz / 20c caress your neck the final 0.2oz / 6g lie softly in your ears. The SONY’s play in the same weight class as the BEATS BY DRE POWERBEATS2 WIRELESS. But shifting the major weight onto your neck while the BEATS hang on your ears. Bottomline: The SONY SBH70 serve you with great sound from nowhere. Respect SONY, well done!

The little knob gives you the feedback with which button your dealing.

Where there is light, there is also shadow. This superlight approach leads four compromises. A weak and short wireless connection due to the lack of a big battery capacity (result of the low weight). The audio source should always be in a range of 4 meters. A wall between the the headphones and the audio source leads to interrupts. If you search for a three wall breaker bluetooth wireless headphone check the LG Tone Ultra HBS 800 review or the LG Tone Infinim HBS 900 review.

Compromise number two is the nonexistent noise isolation. This is caused by the super comfortable one size fits all earbud approach. In most cases there is to much space around the earbuds and the ear that noise can easy flow into your music stream.

The minor two disadvantages are the battery life of 6 hours and the low maximum volume. These attributes are also related to the light design approach.

Smart Memory Metal makes the SONY SBH70 super flexible and offers great fit

Let’s turn around and check the other advantages I discovered. The SONY SBH70 offer a great fit around the neck.

The Smart Memory Metal is magic.

SONY calls the supporting technology Smart Memory Metal and combines that with a rubberized water resistant housing. The Smart Memory Metal is magic. It makes sure that the neck part of the housing encloses smoothly around your neck and offers nearly unlimited flexibility. Bottomline: According fit SONY hits another homerun.

This is a sign of perfection. The little knob says “I’am the left earbud!”

Also important to mention are the NFC pairing option, the superior build quality and the aggressive pairing character of this wireless headphones.

Aggressive bluetooth pairing

Aggressive is the right word. Where other bluetooth headphones ask for manual support from the user to pair again, the SONY’s are always on the search for known devices. This is also the case for the multi connection when connected to two devices (mobile phone, PC, Mac, tablet,…) at the same time. I love this character of the SBH70. Because I hate to connect the headphone manually to the second device each time.

The little knob gives you the feedback with which button your dealing.


The SONY SBH70 is a real diva. Noble — Stylish — Delicate — Great Voice! The sound and comfort is superior compared to the headphones I reviewed so far. A silent place, high quality recorded music and the SONY SBH70 match perfect. Also outdoor sport usage like running or workouts in the gym is a good fit. But the lack of noise isolation and maybe the loose fit of the one size fits all earbuds approach may be a bit of a drawback for this usecase.

The Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless headphones could be a sportive alternative.


# Great Sound (Smooth Bass, Warm BOSE Like Sound, Wide Stage due to Open Design)

# Super Comfy

# Light

# Great Neck Fit (Rubberized Housing and Smart Memory Metal is Magic!)

# Water Resistant

# Superior Build Quality


# Aggressive Auto Multi Connect


# Weak and Short Wireless Connection

# Low Noise Cancelling

# Low max. Volume

# Short Battery Life