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Giving Hedera DeFi a HeadStart

…and announcing the biggest airdrop to date 🪂 ! (details enclosed)

The decision is in line with our mission of enabling the Hedera Ecosystem and palpably seeing higher numbers in: mainnet accounts, projects, transactions & TVL (total value locked).
We are proud to announce that the HeadStarter airdrop consists of a $40,000 plus distribution of $HST tokens to Hedera DeFi OGs.
The initiative is intended to encourage participation in SaucerSwap DEX LPs, increasing Hedera network TVL & reducing slippage.

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

The HeadStarter dApp makes use of Hedera’s intrinsic security and speed by leveraging HSCS(Hedera Smart Contract Service) & HTS(Hedera Token Service). Not only has HeadStarter built a comprehensive web3 crowdfunding platform, we have multi-faceted initiatives for community interaction and enablement:

- Built the Strato JS dev-tool;
- Sponsored Hedera22 Hackathon;
- Completed the First Hedera Smart contract audit, with Hacken, passing it with straight 10s;
- Featured in Cointelegraph;
- Announced partnerships with key ecosystem partners, headlined by the esteemed HBAR Foundation;
- Completed the first ever Hedera IDO (Initial Decentralized Offering);
- Completed the first ever Hedera INO (Initial NFT Offering);
- Founded the Hedera DeFi Alliance together with leading Hedera DeFi projects, SaucerSwap Labs & Stader Labs;
- Listing the HTS based native utility token, $HST;
- Ranked listings for $HST on CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap;
- And now, our most memorable airdrop to date…

It hasn’t been long since the formal CEX listing of the HeadStarter native token, $HST, and it has shortly become one of the most important and actively traded tokens to be launching from the Hedera-space.

Hedera DeFi, a grassroots movement

HeadStarter has paved the way for successful launches on Hedera during the bear market. Privileged by a community of enthusiastic, sophisticated backers, HeadStarter has now beaten a track for many to follow.

The Hedera DeFi OGs are the visionaries who have ventured and supported early Hedera DeFi projects, equipped with a healthy dose of DYOR & excitement in supporting ecosystem buidlers.

Users who will be receiving the historical Hedera DeFi OG airdrop of HST are concomitantly respecting all 3 criteria(based on snapshot taken Friday, July 22nd @ 11:30 GMT):
- Participants in Stader V1 for minimum 500HBAR +
- Accounts still holding mininimum 500 HBARX +
- Holders of Saucerswap NFTs — PLANCK EPOCH COLLECTIBLES across 4 tiers.

Airdrop breakdown:
Date: Friday, August 5th, time TBD
Airdrop value is based on the rarity of the held PLANCK EPOCH NFT:
1. SaucerSwap ELECTROMAGNETIC NFT + Stader V1: 100 USD in HST
2. SaucerSwap STRONG NUCLEAR NFT + Stader V1: 75 USD in HST
3. SaucerSwap WEAK NUCLEAR NFT + Stader V1: 50 USD in HST
4. SaucerSwap GRAVITY NFT + Stader V1: 25 USD in HST

Detailed airdrop recipient list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DCrWcDyGWiJb8GLKqB-zS_0U0y-H6mT1_aYCW6i7dUs/edit?usp=sharing

- Users who haven’t associated HST by the time of the airdrop waive their right to receive the airdrop;
- No whaling conditions: account holding multiple NFTs of the same rarity receives the same airdrop as holders of only 1 NFT;
- No stacking conditions: account holding multiple tiers of NFTs receives the highest eligible airdrop only. (ex: account holds Strong nuclear and Gravity NFT, receives only the airdrop for the Strong nuclear)

The Hedera DeFi OGs can acknowledge quality projects from afar, reason for us airdropping HST to some of our very early community members who have contributed to early HeadStarter campaigns:

  1. LSH X HeadStarter
    - Gold Crawford — purchase price ~1,500ℏ
    - Silver Crawford — purchase price ~ 800ℏ
  2. Koala Klub x HeadStarter NFT — auction price 18,000ℏ

The goal of the Airdrop is to reward conviction and encourage further support through growing Hedera’s TVL and contributing to our joint mission of bringing Hedera into its rightful spotlight.

Note: The airdrop will be performed on the day of the public SaucerSwap DEX mainnet launch on the 5th of August. Airdrop will be performed 1 time only to the eligible users who have associated the HeadStarter token @ 0.0.968069. No retroactive airdrops, please spread the word to your fellow OGs.



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