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Becoming a liquidity provider & farmer on SaucerSwap

One of the features SaucerSwap are most acknowledged for is the exciting yield farming program released in partnership with the HBAR Foundation.

In this walkthrough, we will show how you can provide Liquidity for incentivized HST liquidity pools in the SaucerSwap DEX and Stake the resulting LP tokens in their respective farms for yield farming.

Liquidity for HST pools on SaucerSwap:

A liquidity provider supplies equal value parts of two different tokens. Providing Liquidity allows the pool participants to proportionally share the transaction fees generated from swaps done on the trading pair. Swap fees are automatically compounded into the liquidity provider’s pooled amount.

More details about fee structure can be found on Saucerswap here.

Currently, there are two incentivized pools for the HST token on SaucerSwap DEX: HST/HBAR and HST/USDC, both with triple digit APRs at the time of posting of the article.

Below steps explain how to add and take your liquidity to the incentivized HST pools:

  1. Go to liquidity page at https://www.saucerswap.finance/liquidity/supply

2. Make sure your HashPack wallet is connected to the site and has enough HST & HBAR or USDC. You can find more about getting these tokens here

3. Select the pair of tokens for which you want to supply liquidity (HST/HBAR or HST/USDC)

4. Enter the desired amount of HST tokens in ‘Token A’ field and the corresponding amount of HBAR or USDC tokens will be automatically populated in ‘Token B’ field.

5. Click Supply and Approve the transaction in HashPack wallet

6. Once transaction is successful, you will receive a fungible amount of the pool’s respective LP tokens. LP tokens represent the liquidity provider’s share in the pool. These tokens automatically compound fees proportional to your share of the pool, and can be redeemed at any time.

7. You can view the provided liquidity in ‘My Pools’ tab.

Note: Providing liquidity can lead to a permanent loss. You can read more about it here

Farming of LP tokens:

Once Liquidity has been provided, the resulting LP tokens can be staked to earn additional rewards based on the current APR.

  1. Go to ‘Farm’ tab at https://www.saucerswap.finance/farm where you can see all ongoing farming programs and their respective APRs:

2. Search for HST token in search bar. It will show both pairs related to HST (HST/HBAR and HST/USDC)

3. Click ‘Stake’ under the pair for which you have provided the Liquidity (HST/HBAR in our example)

4. Enter the amount of LP tokens that you want to stake(we recommend using the MAX button)

5. Click ‘Stake’ and Approve the resulting transaction in HashPack wallet

6. Once completed, you can view the rewards in real-time

If you need any support, feel free to reach out to the HeadStarter team on our social media channels. We’re always here to help!



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