Common myths for fat loss

Fitness industry is making some serious money out of

Starvation mode : Starvation mode is biggest lie of fitness industry. It just scare you and let you eat more than your calorie intake. By definition of starvation mode in fitness world ,

You will get fat if you are not eating enough.

which is entirely myth and pure BS. You cannot gain weight if you are in deficit. If this happens to be true, there are lot of countries having poor people who cannot even afford enough food in day. If starvation mode was true, they will be having lots of fat in their body. But it is not the case with them (I wish I could donate some food to them). So It must not be right.

So you will always lose weight if you are in deficit. This approach has a single catch though and catch is this

People are so nuts that they will fall under below a bottom line of food intake where other complication starts happening like changes in hormone or mood swings.

Even eating below the bottom line your body cannot stop weight loss. Although it is pure stupid. Your body will start losing muscle immediately and other problems. Bottom line for men-women is 1200 calorie per day, please don't fall under this level.

In nutshell Starvation mode is a pure myth and nothing else. Next time if you are not losing weight , the only reason is that you are not in deficit and nothing else.

Don’t eat fat : Eating fat will make you fat , ha ha. Eating fat cannot and will never make you fat if you are under calorie next time you see anything like milk, chess or any other product dont move away. But make sure don’t go over board of calorie intake level.

Magic pill : “Hey I have a pill which can make you lose 15 kg in one month”, I get this kind of email every day promising with lots of things.

But there is no magic pill which can make you lose fat.

Remember fat is an organ in your body not some worm which can be destroyed by pill. It will only cost you money and some health problem too.

This is first part of fat loss myths , so sit tight “I will be back”.