Designing your food

If you have read this Lose weight article , you might have some confusion what is the meaning of designing your own food although I tried best to descriptive. so here go a full article on this.

In terms of fitness three major components play a major role called as Macro nutrient. These are Fat, Carbohydrate and protein. Now let us say your calorie deficit level is 1500 calorie. you will eat around 150 gram of carb , 150 gram of protein and 30 gram of protein.

so here is total calories calculation

150 g of carbohydrate * 4 = 600 calorie

160 g of protein * 4= 640 calorie

30 * 9 = 270 calorie

600 + 640 + 270 = 1510 (approx)

This completes your goal of eating per day with a decent calorie deficit.

Now you need to design your food accordingly to complete above measure or whatever your goals (For better calculation of above goals please download this app myfitnessPal or any other you want/like). Here are few tips to make this goal even simpler.

  1. Note down all food you like
  2. Mix match the food too e.g. cheese with black pepper.
  3. Should include high protein item as above goal has high protein content plus eating/drinking protein will make sure having high energy level.
  4. Pure sugar item should be avoided but not prohibited. Remember “Moderation is key”.
  5. Food with high sodium content should be avoided as sodium will retain water in your body. So it will show up on weighing scale.(A full article is needed is for this though)
  6. Food must be tasty which you can stick for a long terms.

This list can be go on and on . but got it right?

So here is verdict: Include the food which completes your macro nutrient ,calorie deficit and tasty. so you can stick to it for a long term.

Hope you find these things helpful.

PS: Dont beat yourself if you eaten some candy but recover from it asap.

All the best.