Want to lose fat?

If you have reached here then I assumed you want to look good or some same kind of goal. right?

But wait why I am writing this kind of article at all? if you search on google “Weight loss or fat loss”. you must be getting at least billions search result with trillions of prescribed diet meal and other expensive diet products. so what I am writing here exactly?

First of all I am not here to cross check or saying that “they are wrong or I am right” or “I have a better suggestion than they have”.

I am here to get on facts to achieve only one goal : lose some damn fat.

But let us do some math (argghh) here then I will show you happy path

For losing one kg of Fat , you need to burn 7000-9000 calories. so let us take bottom figure( easy to divide). Now for burning 7000 calories in four weeks . You need to cut 500 calories in a day.

7000/28 = 500 calorie cut

pretty easy huh? consider this point as we will require this in our below section. and just remember two more terms :-

  1. caloric Maintenance : To maintain your current weight.
  2. caloric deficit: To lose fat so weight

Maintain your deficit: So first thing you should do is to count caloric maintenance level. As per discussion you need to cut at least 500 calorie for fat loss of 1 kg in 4 weeks. Let us take example if your daily caloric maintenance level is 2000 calories then your daily intake should not exceed 1500 calorie ,(calculate it honestly). So in nutshell for losing fat you must be in deficit other wise there is no magic pill which can do this.

Designing your own meal : Now this is toughest part of whole fat loss journey. You must be knowing it that diet plan sucks why?Here what I have always found:

1. Diet plan is not sustainable

2. Taste of food sucks that is why we leave it and go to normal eating.

3. It is having too much constraint like no fat , no carb . If any food does not contain any of two products. food will not taste good.

4. Limited or no availability

List can goes on and on … (any suggestion?)but you got my points.

That is why you should never adopt any diet plan devised by any body. because it is a general one. every body like different kind of food (Spicy,Salty ,Sweet). Two person of same gene can have different taste of foods.

To give more analogy on the same , when you go to a mall for buying clothes , you choose your choice of color and size. You never chose clothes other color and other size.Why? because your taste and size is different.

So same way you need to design your own food like what to eat and what not. There are only one constraint I will put here “Must no cross your calorie deficit” and voila design your food accordingly. You will be surprised by the results.

In nutshell : You must be in calories deficit in order to lose fat. (no more BS).

All the best.

PS: I am not fitness trainer or anything related to that.