Who’s Behind the mask

***Who is the person behind the mask?***

Through my own experiences, I have found many people have created the unconscious habit of putting on different “masks” for different circumstances.

I know I have done it, maybe you have too?

If thats the case then who is under the mask?

Who is the real you?

Do you actually know?

We put on “masks” when we are with our partner, our kids, family, friends, work colleagues, but to what end?

why do you feel the need to hide your own true self?

your own unique beautiful identity?

Wearing masks is born out of fear.

fear of being rejected.

fear of not fitting in.

Thinking from a place of fear will always bring you misery, you will be in a place of darkness, not allowing your true self to shine.

But I ask you, if you feel you would be judged by these people then isn’t it possible that you do not need anyone who did not appreciate the person under the mask?

Why not free yourself of people who do not appreciate you for who you really are beneath the mask?

The whole world is full of relationships and opportunities, just waiting to unveil yourself to the world, the real you.

So when are you shedding the Masks and stories, to reveal your one true self?

Truth, Courage & Happiness

Dean x

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