Best Waist Trainers 2020. Do Waist Cincher Work?

Dec 4, 2020 · 7 min read

Waist trainers also know as waist cinchers have gained popularity in the last couple of years. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are the most prominent advocates of waist trainers. We have compiled the list of 3 waist trainers that do work. But first, let’s find out what waist trainers are.

Note: I DO NOT get paid when if you chose to buy any products listed below, these are just my recommendation. Also keep in mind the effects of waist trainers are semi-permanent.

Waist trainers are not new; they have been around for hundreds of years, but now they are back in vogue. A waist trainer works by constricting your waist and reducing the appearance of your waist size. Naturally, waist trainers are worn tightly to get the desired effect.

Types of waist trainers

  1. Workout waist trainers: these waist trainers are designed specifically for use while working out, they are generally made of thermogenic material and help you sweat more in the gym.
  2. Waist Cincher: These waist trainers are more traditional in shape and are to be worn for the entire duration of the day for an extended period. They have metal bones running through them to provide support and constriction.
  3. The shaper: These are a mix of a corset and a body shaper. They are best for beginners who want the hourglass figure without reshaping their entire waist. This type of body shaper is more comfortable to wear.

Our Picks of the best waist Trainers

Luxe Waist trainer
Luxe Waist trainer

Get it here

Okay, I love this product, and I would recommend it to everyone who is just starting with waist training. Why is love it? It shapes your body just perfectly. It will Definitely enhance your curves, but more importantly, it is incredibly comfortable and can be worn under any dress. Unlike most other waist trainers, it looks good too. Girls if you want something that helps you fit in your favorite dress and makes you look like a Greek goddess this is the one to go for. Unlike a full-on corset, the Luxe waist trainer will not restrict you too much. Got one for my mother-in-law and she loves it also.

Work-It Waist Trainer
Work-It Waist Trainer

Get it here

This waist trainer is perfect to wear while working out. It comes with nine steel bones for superior support. The zipper is sturdy and does not fail during workouts like most other waist trainers. The tightness of the waist trainer can be adjusted on the fly using the Velcro strap. The Work-It waist trainer offers excellent elasticity and comfort. In my experience with the waist trainer, it provided adequate heat.

ReShape Waist Trainer
ReShape Waist Trainer

Get it here

This product is made up of elastic fabric and provides and tucks in your waist nicely. The material is breathable and can be worn throughout the day. I was expecting to sweat like a pig while wearing this, but I was relatively calm while wearing this (as cool as one can be while wearing a corset). It is available in black and beige colour. I got the black one, and suddenly I could fit in my old dresses. However, getting used to wearing a waist trainer is another story. The first time I tried this waist cincher, I couldn’t wear it over an hour. My advice is if you feel uncomfortable in your waist trainer, loosen it immediately or take it off. I love this product and do wear them with my favourite dresses to enhance the shape of my waist.

Waist trainer workouts

While choosing a waist trainer, keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure you don’t find unable to breathe in your corset. You are probably be going to wear your waist trainer for hours, so make sure it is the perfect fit. A waist trainer that is too tight will make it painful to breathe.
  • Your waist trainer should be comfortable. As it is going to be wound tightly around your body, get a waist trainer that is made with soft stretchable fabric. Your waist trainer should not have any bones sticking out of it as they can press up against your body and hurt you.
  • Get a waist trainer that is a perfect fit. Your waist cincher must neither be too tight or too loose. Make sure your waist trainer provides enough compression without hurting you.
  • Build quality of a waist trainer is very important. High-quality waist trainers compress your waist without forming any bulge or muffin top.
  • Make sure your waist trainer doesn’t stretch over time and become loose.

Most waist trainers have three levels of hooks to secure them. Start your waist training with the outer hooks. As you make progress, you can move to the second and the first hooks. Make sure you feel compression at every step.

Bones: Bones are the steel ribs of a waist trainer. They are what provide support and rigidity to a waist trainer.

Fabric lining can be made up of different materials as long as they are stretchable.

People who use waist trainer will swear by the fact that it has helped them achieve their desired figure. While critics say, the results are only semi-permanent not right for you.

Yes, you can achieve an Hour-glass figure using waist trainer but also be vary of the cons of fitting in a corset.

A perfect-fit waist trainer will give you an elegant Hour-glass shape. But how do you get the right size. Tip: Don’t get the smallest one, you’ll regret it.

The product you are ordering will have a size chart. Get the size that corresponds with your measurements.

You need to measure your hips, waist and bust. Don’t pull the measuring tape too tight. Make sure there is enough space for one finger between the tape and your body. Remember to follow the manufacturers’ information guide.

  • Reduce your waist size: a good waist trainer and a training regimen can help you reduce your waist size.
  • Hour-glass figure: Waist training can help you get the coveted Hour-glass figure( just ask Kim K.)
  • Get a smoother and flatter stomach.
  • Waist trainers can provide support to your lower back and core.
  • If you are suffering from appetite issues, waist trainers can help reduce your appetite.
  • Waist trainers that are too tight can cause breathing issues.
  • If you squeeze in too tight in your waist trainer, it will cause your organs to squeeze too. Thus making you prone to acid reflux.
  • Poor blood flow from tight waist trainer can make you dizzy.

Achieve a Proportionate Figure

A proportionate figure with a thin waist and curved hips is also known as the ‘hourglass figure’ and it has been the most desirable feminine figure over thousands of years. If you desire to have the hourglass figure waist trainers are for you. Waist trainer not only make you look curvy they have a lasting effect on your inches.

Helps reduce your Calorie Intake

Waist trainers constrain your abdomen and mid-section, they are comfortable to wear yet tight. You will not have any issues in eating, however you will feel discomfort for good, if you overeat. Trainers help you keep a check on your diet by ensuring that you do not overeat.

A more Confident Posture

Waist trainers will not only be useful for appearing thinner from the mid-section but will also give a more confident posture as slouching becomes uncomfortable. You will get used to a new confident posture in no time, it will benefit you even when you are not wearing the waist trainer. So, it supports your back too? Definitely Yes.

Get your Old Physique back

If you are a new mom and want to get your old physique back, waist trainers are the thing for you. While they do not directly fix the abs or the abdominal wall, it has been previously proven that waist trainers aid the process of healing. They are best for young mothers who long to get their slim physique back. Will they help you in post birth reshaping? Yes.

Support Your Bustline

Waist trainers help support your bust line by supporting your back and muscles. Women who use waist trainers experience less back pain if any.

Better Workouts

Working out with a waist trainer is a great idea. It puts the required stress on your abs and abdomen and complements your workout by supporting your muscles. In no time you will feel the need of using the waist trainer with each and every workout. It is a significant addition towards a more efficient and effective work out.

If you are looking to eliminate those love handles, or getting a stronger abdomen, waist trainers are the most cost effective and easiest way to achieve your goals. You have to wear act and forget it for the desired time period. It can be your way to welcome the hourglass physique and a confident posture. Get a waist trainer for your size today to see immediate results, say no to muffin tops and look 3–4 inches thinner from the middle immediately.

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