Jonathan Citsay Explains the Benefits of CrossFit & Weightlifting for Building Strength

Jonathan Citsay
Dec 23, 2019 · 3 min read
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CrossFit has seen massive growth in popularity in the last several years, and the social conversation surrounding this type of workout continues to emphasize the long-lasting benefits. With a combination of highly functional exercises, individuals can yield faster results due to the challenging nature of the program. Likewise, many avid weightlifters have begun to incorporate CrossFit into their workout regime as a means to further increase strength.

As an advocate for personal fitness, Jonathan Citsay has an overview of the respective benefits of both CrossFit alongside traditional weightlifting for strength building.


Compared to traditional weightlifting, CrossFit is a form of high-intensity power fitness (HIPT). The program is designed for individuals to participate in groups, undergoing a rigorous, full-body workout. While the goal of the program is not weightlifting alone, this is nonetheless a positive side effect.

CrossFit workouts combine endurance and resistance training to improve agility, balance, and flexibility.

Due to the high intensity, multi-joint movements, CrossFit can help increase strength by adding additional stress to your muscles. By combining various dynamic workouts such as kettlebells and Olympic weightlifting, individuals can enhance strength while simultaneously improving their aerobic fitness.

Jonathan Citsay on CrossFit and Community

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One should expect that CrossFit is a particularly intense way to exercise; what this means is that there are recommended fitness requirements that need to be met in order to safely participate in the program. In addition, whereas weightlifting is much simpler in terms of the equipment used, you can also expect to use more unique accessories during CrossFit, creating a more varied and exciting exercise experience.

What is arguably the greatest benefit that CrossFit has to offer over traditional weightlifting is a stronger sense of community. Because CrossFit is a group program, it is inevitable that these groups will form meaningful bonds with one another as they exercise together, providing support and encouragement while also holding each other accountable towards staying kept up with daily workout assignments and routines.

Traditional Weightlifting

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The traditional practice of weightlifting is well-known, and still quite common to this day; it is easy to spot individuals doing exercises such as bench presses in the average gym, and over the years it has proved to remain a highly effective method of strength training.

While CrossFit may induce more social interaction and group bonding because it is inherently more focused on structure, it is important to remember that although weightlifting has no such framework, this also means that there is much more personal freedom regarding what specific exercises you decide to undertake. Additionally, whereas CrossFit is aimed at a full-body workout, weightlifting can be concentrated on specific muscle groups, allowing you to pinpoint the areas in which you would like to improve your strength first.

Finally, weightlifting can be as intense as you would like it to be, with the level of intensity able to be changed at any time; The simplicity of traditional weightlifting can be a good starting point for individuals to work towards meeting the requirements for CrossFit.

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