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Welcoming New Partners to the Health Gorilla Network

Providers & developers ramping up interoperability efforts in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico

Ali Zaman
Ali Zaman
May 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Since our founding, we’ve been dedicated to scaling interoperability for healthcare organizations in underserved markets. Over time, these collaborations have evolved into deep interoperability partnerships with global reach and true patient impact across the US, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new cohort of global customers, spanning providers, health technology developers, and labs.

We kicked off 2019 with a new strategic partnership with Sistema De Salud Menonita, one of Puerto Rico’s largest integrated health systems. Menonita manages the care of 200,000 patients across 5 hospitals and 19 diagnostic and outreach facilities. Our partnership arms Menonita with a secure, normalized data infrastructure to manage third party exchange data, and provides software to make this data actionable for clinicians and administrators. Through its health plan subsidiary, we will be incorporating claims data, along with clinical and lab data, into a master patient index, forming an enterprise-wide interoperable dataset.

With Vittel Health, we expanded our API footprint to Canada. Vittel will be leveraging our API to develop a personal health record mobile app for the Canadian market. Today, aggregating health records in Canada requires fax, producing static image files. With Health Gorilla, Vittel’s mobile app will structure aggregated health records, store them securely, and deliver insights to providers, accelerating the shift to consumer-mediated care.

We’re excited to bring on another EMR client, Vault EMR, which supports physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists. These providers rely heavily on diagnostic testing, referrals, and care coordination. Vault is licensing Health Gorilla’s API to allow providers to place orders, manage referrals, and receive test results directly within their EMR. Health Gorilla is directly integrated with most major diagnostic vendors, including Labcorp and Quest, as well as in-house health system labs including Northwell Health, Northwestern, and others.

We’re also accelerating the growth of our diagnostic network. We’re thrilled to announce new integrations with Advanced Pathology Solutions based in Arkansas, Genesis Diagnostics based in Pennsylvania, TOPA Diagnostics based in Thousand Oaks, California, and University of Florida Pathology Laboratories in Gainesville, Florida.

We’re pleased to see increasing momentum for interoperability in the US and abroad across many different players in the healthcare ecosystem. Alongside our new partnerships, we look forward to continued collaborations with our founding partners, including the Puerto Rico Primary Care Association Network, Grupo Angeles Health System, and others. If you’d like to learn more about Health Gorilla, please visit or follow us on twitter @healthgorilla.

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