Treating Cancer In Time Of Coronavirus In India

In India, an average cancer patient requires treatment three months after the symptoms appear. Due to fear of contracting coronavirus and lack of facilities mostly in metropolitan cities, patients may find it challenging to seek cancer treatment in Delhi.

Patients generally consult a doctor five months after the appearance of symptoms, which can prove to be dangerous. Even the patients with ongoing treatment are unable to receive necessary medical attention.

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Prioritisation & Guidelines

1. High Priority

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2. Medium Priority

3. Low Priority

Max Healthcare is one of the renowned hospitals for cancer treatment in Delhi which offers the latest technologies and focuses care to cure the patient. The staff members ensure that all the covid guidelines are being followed to receive other treatments.

Types Of Cancer Treatment At Max Healthcare

1. Thoracic Oncology

2. Neuro-Oncology

3. Gastrointestinal Oncology

4. Breast Cancer

5. Ped Oncology and so on.

Other Measures To Treat Cancer During Pandemic

1. Cancer patients and management services are maintained in their bubble. Only doctors and other permitted staff members can enter the area.

2. The reports of the patients are analysed, and if possible, the treatment is switched to an oral mode. Also, maximum effort is made to improve disease control.

3. If treatment for the initial stage is planned, the doctors look for possibilities of postponing the surgery. The age factor and the possible outcomes of the surgery also play an essential role in determining cancer treatment.

4. Patients are offered other optional regimens to reduce hospital visits.


The healthcare system is working at its total capacity to ensure that patients receive proper treatment. Doctors and other staff members are risking their lives to save the patients. As citizens, our responsibility is to abide by the covid rules and maintain social distancing in all critical situations.

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