The 4 Crappiest Excuses We Make for Not Exercising

We tend to make excuses about the things that we don’t want to take responsibility for. We often blame outlying factors instead of just owning up to the fact that we’re either too lazy or too stubborn to do something. And when it comes to exercise, we give a variety of reasons that are often too easy to name.

Life gets busy and it can be difficult to rank exercise as a priority on our list of things to do. It’s especially harder as we get older and gain more responsibilities. However, our health is one of the most important of priorities that we should never dismiss. No matter how busy life can get, we need to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves and that includes exercise.

Here are 4 of the crappiest, common excuses that we make for not exercising:

“I don’t have time.”

Everyone has the exact same amount of hours in a day. Among the many skills that one can possess, time management may be one of the most essential. It may seem impossible to make time for all of the things that we want to do, but if there’s a will, then there’s a way. If you are determined to exercise, then you will. You can always make time even for a quick 20-minute workout.

“I can’t afford a gym.”

A gym membership doesn’t need to be your only option. There are a ton of alternatives other than a monthly gym membership. You can download FREE workout apps on your phone, watch workout videos, or do something active outside like running or bicycling. Exercise doesn’t have to be confined with the four walls of a gym or fitness club. There are other alternatives.

“I haven’t found an activity I enjoy.”

Among the countless number of physical activities, there has to be at least one that you remotely enjoy. If exercise in the traditional sense doesn’t interest you, then try other options. If you don’t like running, maybe you’ll enjoy cycling. If you don’t like cycling, maybe you’ll enjoy boxing. If you don’t like boxing, maybe you’ll like yoga. There are a number of ways to exercise. Try something new until you find something that you actually want to stick with.

“I eat healthy, so I don’t need to exercise.”

Your diet is absolutely a large, contributing factor towards your health. Getting the proper nutrients and consuming the right amount of calories each day heavily influences how your body will look and feel. But, keep in mind, that’s only half the battle. Exercise is what keeps your muscles, bones, and joints strong. Your body is like a well-oiled machine. You have to make sure everything is working properly and keep your body moving so that you don’t get stagnant. Like the law of physics, “a body in motion stays in motion”.

It’s understandable if you want to have a lazy day every now and then. Some days, all we really want to do is relax. But try not to get too comfortable to the point where you are are not getting any exercise at all. It’s important to fit exercise into your schedule despite how much you may hate it. You’ll thank yourself later down the road.