What are #healthmonths?

Everyone makes New Years Resolutions about stuff they want to change about themselves. That’s not what this project is about. It’s about seeing what happens when you make ONE change to your life, and how it affects everything else. As a couple of partygoing San Franciscans in their 20s, we’ve chosen the most relevant and potentially impactful small changes we can make to our bodies, minds, and wallets, with a different rule each month.

Here’s the plan so far, feel free to join in and play along:

January: No alcohol or other drugs #mind #body (with an exception of a single birthday)

February: Gluten/Carb free/Paleo???? #body

March: practice something you want to get better at for 4 hours a week (DJing, coding, instrument, etc) #mind

April: vegetarian (and/or vegan??) #body

May: stretch 20+ mins every day (+meditation?) #body #mind

June: no screens post-work (e.g. computer, TV, etc.) #mind

July: no eating out #body #wallet

August: Only party in new neighborhoods (e.g. outside of the Mission, Lower Haight, the Castro, and SoMa.)

September - December: TBD because planning anything over 6 months ahead is next to impossible for me.

Follow along this collection for thoughts from the #healthmonth participants as we go through withdrawl, self-discovery, and maybe even some self-improvement.

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