Me, Covid-19 and my city, California or New York, the use of hydroxychloroquine, conspiracy theories

Sajjad Hussain
Jul 25 · 5 min read
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Close your eyes and forget about the unhappy things, open your eyes and you can still see the epidemic situation, you can’t forget it if you want to! The Chinese battlefield is already in the stage of consolidating the results, which is gratifying! Here in the United States, the epidemic and war are tight, with flames and gunpowder filled. New York is much worse than California. The two places are both important hubs for international exchanges, but the two places have completely different populations and their dependence on public transportation is also different. California has a wide area, sparse population, and warm climate, which will help prevent and suppress the rapid development of the epidemic.

Now in addition to the hospital ships used in wartime to support the east and west sides, the major hospitals in New York City also have federal government support. In addition, around New York City, there were soon 4 hospitals located in the convention center and university. The university dormitories provide accommodation for foreign aid personnel, and tents are set up outside. They are built completely according to the specifications of the field hospital and prepared with 100,000 beds for the 1918 flu. It is prepared for rainy days. If the normal hospital is expanded by half, plus these 4 temporary hospitals, the goal can basically be achieved. Judging from the data displayed by the current epidemic, the death rate of the new crown in the United States is relatively low, basically between 1–2%, which is quite comforting.

According to reports, using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in mild cases to treat patients with new coronavirus can get very good results. Seeing a strange news, an old couple heard that hydroxychloroquine had an effect on the new crown. They remembered the hydroxychloroquine they used to clean, so they made their own wise and drank it with water to prevent the new crown. After half an hour, they were sent to the hospital. Finally, the man died. . The formula of the hydroxychloroquine used in medicine is completely different from that of the external daily cleaning agent. This poor man did not die from the new coronary pneumonia, but died of his own ignorance.

Judging from the infected people, it seems that there are very few Asians, mostly natives . This is not because the Asians have super immunity, but the Asians have paid attention to the domestic epidemic very early, acquired relevant knowledge of epidemic prevention, and know how to survive and protect themselves. For example, go to less crowded places, reduce gatherings with friends, and stay at home. The meeting ceremony of the natives-hugs and kisses, is the rhythm of death at the moment of the epidemic. The new crown virus is the most welcome, so the infection rate is high, and most of the etiquettes in Western European countries are like this. The new crown plague will force people to change social etiquette and living habits. This may be the progress of human civilization.

Yesterday, in the message of the circle of friends, there was a serious reminder of Italy’s new coronary pneumonia. According to reports. There is indeed a very serious epidemic in a small town called Bergamo. It is the region with the most aging population in Italy. This time, most of the people who died were elderly people with underlying diseases. The average age of the deceased was as high as 81 years old, but that doesn’t mean it. The whole of Italy is terrible! People who died of new coronary pneumonia in Seattle are also mainly concentrated in a nursing home. The main reason is that older patients can easily die if they can’t handle it. Yesterday, a friend posted a picture of “Balcony” a romantic Italian who was trapped at home due to the epidemic, interacting on the balcony there are several paintings of “Balcony” by the Italian classical painter Eugene Blas in the late 19th century. “Oil painting, beautiful young girls leaning on the railings vigorously, full of hope and warmth. My friend from afar was wailing in Italy, spreading the beauty of the Italian balcony gracefully, and he couldn’t help being moved! Some people say: seeing the shadow in the sun is called eye poison, and seeing the sun in the shadow is kind of heart.

In the past few days, the news of the new crown epidemic on TV has emphasized the importance of ventilators to mortality. According to reports, there are currently 62,000 ventilators in hospitals in the United States, and there are nearly 100,000 in emergency reserves that can be used at any time. The United States produces its own ventilator, the price is 25,000 US dollars, but there are also some people falling back and forth, the price doubled, taking advantage of the crisis, the virus windfall situation.

Nowadays, there are so many rumors on the Internet, and all kinds of conspiracy theories are constantly bombarding various social media. In fact, some links are used to gain attention. The content is false and extreme. Those with brains will naturally screen out, and confused people will fall into it. More confused, without thinking, closed his eyes and reposted randomly. If this epidemic has brought more serious disunity and distrust to mankind, it will be the virus in the virus, the virulent doubled, and the man-made plague will be even more terrible! Therefore, you must learn to analyze, distinguish, and extract more reliable information at special moments, so that you can reduce your sense of fear. Here, I may also wish to forward the USCIS announcement. All foreigners are treated for free for new coronary pneumonia while in the United States, including international students, visiting relatives in the United States, and traveling, as long as all people in the United States receive free treatment. People who have relatives in the United States don’t worry!

In the evening, the sky is higher and clearer than in the morning, and the sunset on the top of the mountain is shining. I usually go for a walk at such a moment, but now I can only wander around in my garden!

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