Super income “Understanding Sports, Fitness and live broadcast”

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 31 · 3 min read
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Live Streaming is advancing with leaps and bounds, broadening the channel of the live streaming industry with the model of live streaming + carrying goods.There is no doubt that the “live +” model is full of imagination, especially in the field of e-commerce.

An obvious situation is that live broadcast has reached a fork in the road, and the more subdivided “live broadcast +” model continues to derive.

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The explosive growth of the online education industry also proves that the combination of live broadcast and vertical business will broaden the derivative space of live broadcast. Live e-commerce and online education are advancing vigorously.

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During the epidemic, people trapped in their homes have an extremely strong demand for “movement”. Fitness seems to be gradually becoming a national consciousness — in addition to protective measures, self-immunity has become a key innate barrier.

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“As long as you want to move, the living room can become a gym.” With the encouragement of fitness professionals and the lack of equipment, folk fitness earthwork emerges endlessly. According to the “Analysis Report on the Attention of Cloud Fitness Industry”, in January 2020 ~ 3 In this earth-flavored fitness competition, winter melons do lunge squats, large chairs do squats, rice bag flat bench presses… and even pets can become barbells.

With the penetration of live broadcasting in various industries, the sports field has not only begun to test online live broadcasting, but also attracted some players who use sports live broadcasting as the main mode.

The hardware + content model is a path that has been verified by the American interactive fitness platform company Peloton. In 2019, interactive fitness company Peloton was listed on NASDAQ, and its market value once exceeded the tens of billions of dollars. According to its latest financial report, in the fourth fiscal quarter ended June 30, Peloton turned losses into profits with a profit of $89.1 million. Fitness equipment sales and content subscriptions constituted Peloton’s main income.

Peloton developed rapidly during the epidemic, thanks to the massive amount of video teaching content it provided users, at the same time, it deployed multiple live courses every day and deployed a group of top live coaches to attract fitness users.

The sudden emergence of Peloton allows fitness practitioners and investors all over the world to see the feasibility of rapid expansion by increasing user stickiness through streaming media and services.

With the development of technology and the enrichment of content, resource aggregation itself is no longer a threshold. While users need content, they may also need interaction and companionship during the fitness process-live courses can better meet this need.

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