The difference between people who do 120 push-ups a day and 200 squats a day

Sajjad Hussain
Nov 10 · 3 min read
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As long as the seemingly simple squats are persisted for a long time, the benefits to the body will be of long-term significance. For seemingly ordinary push-ups, long-term persistence can also gain different training effects for the body. Of course, different exercise methods will inevitably cause a certain difference in effect. Then, compared with people who do 120 push-ups a day and 200 squats a day

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1. The difference in overall physical fitness

Squat is a comprehensive exercise. When you do squat, you can exercise all parts of the body. It is what people call to move the whole body. Of course, squat is also the focus of training. of. When doing squats, most of the body’s weight is concentrated on the legs, so you can exercise the muscles of your legs well. If you stick to it for a long time, you can improve your physical fitness.

When doing push-ups, it is mainly to exercise people’s core strength, but also to exercise coordination of the body, so people with poor coordination can choose to do push-ups. Secondly, regular push-ups can also exercise people’s arm muscles, making it look very strong.

Therefore, in terms of overall physical fitness, the physical fitness of people who often do squats and push-ups is comparable, and each has its own advantages.

2. Secretion of testosterone

This point is mainly for men. People who often do squats can not only exercise the leg muscles, but also promote the secretion of testosterone. The increase in the content of testosterone in the body is beneficial to people’s health. Prevent many diseases, but people who often do push-ups do not have the effect of increasing testosterone levels.

Therefore, according to the secretion of testosterone, regular squats can improve people’s physical fitness and effectively prevent diseases. Friends with low testosterone levels can try to do more squats to increase the level of testosterone in your body.

3. Gap of muscle appearance

The human body is like a machine. It needs to be run-in from time to time to make it easy to use. Not being too lazy to move and not exercising will not keep the body in maintenance, it is very likely to accelerate the aging of the body.

Doing 200 squats a day is helpful for strengthening the leg muscles, but it does not have a targeted stimulation effect on other muscles, so simply doing squats will not greatly improve the body. .

Doing 120 push-ups a day can make the pectoralis, triceps, latissimus dorsi, and abdominal muscles receive relatively balanced training. When these muscles are improved, not only the muscle strength but also the overall improvement will be improved. The most obvious thing that can be seen is the changes in the pectoral muscles.

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