What happens to your body if you use mobile phone so often especially at night

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 23 · 2 min read
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With the continuous development of technology, people often don’t put their hands on their mobile phones. Many people are used to looking at their mobile phones at night before going to bed. Mobile phones have indeed brought great convenience to people’s lives. Let us understand this in a rapid dynamic world, but if a person plays mobile phones for a long time, our body will endure four changes, let us understand.

  1. Reduce sleep quality

Before going to bed at night, if you fall asleep as soon as possible, your brain will rest, but many people like to play with mobile phones before going to bed, it will cause damage to your brain nerve cells as well as reduce your sleep quality moreover when you awake your body feels little bit tired.

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3. Damage to the skin

If you turn off the light and look at the phone, the screen of the phone will glow on your face, which will damage your face for a long time, easily cause skin oil and clogged pores, and can also form acne, spots or spots. Sleep for a long time in front of the phone. It is easy to make the body’s skin melanin deposits, resulting in dark skin.

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4. Inducing cervical spondylosis

Before going to bed, many people find it uncomfortable to lie on the bed. They will lie on their backs and watch the phone. Keeping their heads down to play with the phone for such a long time will cause cervical spine injury. Once cervical spondylosis, it will affect normal work and life.

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