Are You Really That Productive At Work?

You spend more time at work than you do sleeping. Seriously. And staying focused that entire time? It’s a challenge. There’s not enough time in the day to answer all your emails. Your phone won’t stop ringing. And you’re stuck in meetings about meetings all day long.

The typical workspace is full of constant noise — which makes it difficult to get anything done. Now, factor in other frustrations: you may not be that satisfied with your job, or annoyed by coworkers or failing technology.

You consider yourself a hard worker, but with all that noise, are you really that productive?

You don’t take any breaks.

Long hours are the ultimate productivity (and inspiration) killer. The golden rule? Take breaks. Studies show that working in 90 minute intervals and taking breaks has helped people be more productive with their time. Take back control of your calendar and place holds throughout the day to give you an opportunity to walk around the office or even get some fresh air.

Try out time tracking tools to see if you can find patterns in how you spend your time, and then use that data to help you develop good habits.

You juggle a million things at once.

Leaving a voicemail and writing an email at the same time? Chances are one of those things (or both!) will include a mistake. Once and for all — you’re not a good multi-tasker. Studies show that no one is. When you focus on one task at a time, you minimize the risk of errors — which saves you time in the long run.

You’re afraid to say no.

Interruptions are around every corner — someone pops by your office unexpectedly, or throws something new on your to-do list. Sometimes this request may be time-sensitive. If it’s not, there’s nothing wrong with letting your coworkers know what’s on your plate and that you’re focused on another task. Be friendly, but firm. Time is valuable.

Your workspace is too clean.

Your office may have come with artwork you didn’t pick out, or your cubicle may have the most depressing gray walls. Your workspace has a tremendous impact on your productivity, whether you realize it or not. Don’t have a window to look out? Bring in pictures of your family or friends. Decorate with a succulent or other plant that doesn’t need a ton of sunlight. Make your space your own and bring in something that inspires you or makes you laugh.

Cleaning your desk or organizing your inbox is a very simple way to get your day (or week) started. Take some time out to control what you can control.

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