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Zug, Switzerland — January 23, 2019 — healthbank, a cooperative organization that offers a safe, secure and compliant ecosystem to store, manage and exchange personal health data, is announcing that it is participating in the 4Generations project at Elementa Day School in Neuheim, Switzerland.

4Generations is an intergenerational project involving students in levels 5 and 6, innovative technology companies and the elderly. The project is supported by Generation 65 Plus and helps students learn modern skills such as programming, while also giving the elderly an opportunity to learn from youth about the latest innovations.

“There is a shortage of skilled workers in the information, communications, and technology (ICT) sector and we believe that to counteract this we should start educating students about these topics early,” said Monica Roth, CEO of Elementa Day School.

“With technology advancing so quickly, it’s easy for people to fall behind if they do not make a true effort to understand all the fantastic tools that we have available to us today. healthbank is proud to be participating in this great initiative,” said Daniela Gunz, Director of Research Partnerships for healthbank. “All of the technologies that were selected for this project are truly making people’s lives better and opening up new opportunities for those in the later stages of life to lead their lives more autonomously.”

The number of people in the world over the age of 60 is expected to more than double by 2050 and more than triple by 2100. This means that 962 million individuals in 2017 could grow to as much as 3.1 billion by 2100.

“We asked healthbank to join the project because the product can help people to live a better life. Health costs are growing and more and more people living longer,” explains Ulrike Liebert, CEO of Generation 65 Plus. “This and other factors are having a tremendous impact on the cost of healthcare, but technology is enabling us to better overcome these challenges.”

Throughout the world, living independently in the later stages of life is becoming increasingly prelevant.

healthbank enables users to own and control their own health records while providing continuity in record data that is not always possible with traditional, siloed or paper-based systems. Health data can also be integrated from multiple sources, including from wearable technology into the total picture of health.

“The main stakeholder, the patient, normally has no active role in how their health data is managed. We are changing this — and we believe that the older generations should also be empowered with these kinds of tools,” added Daniela Gunz.

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