Mini Blog Series — who is healthbank for?

Health Data Silos

healthbank’s idea

When we designed healthbank, we initially thought about overcoming data silos in the Swiss healthcare system — e.g. patient records sitting in our GP’s practice containing the most recent blood tests, a paper version of our vaccination pass in our desk drawer, the records with the dentist we visited last month, the medicine prescription that we handed to the pharmacist as well as our patient documentation in hospital after the ski accident last year — etc.

And then we thought something like: wouldn’t it be useful to have all this information in one place? Wouldn’t it make sense to add personal & non-medical information to this medical data, so for example data from my fitness tracker, nutrition diary or quit-smoking-app, as this is somewhat related to my health? And then, when we have everything in one place — shouldn’t it be me, the patient, who has permanent access to this information? And ultimately, shouldn’t it also be me, the patient, who has full control over this data? The one, who finally decides who to share this data with and how to potentially monetize it?

We believe in a strict and non-negotiable YES to every single question we asked right above. We believe that it’s the patient’s — and only the patients — health. We believe that it’s the patient’s — and only the patients — health data. And we also believe that this data needs to be kept privately unless the patient wishes otherwise.

Or as we say: healthbank: My Health. My Data. My Privacy.

The benefits of putting all those health data in one place and in the user’s control brings a whole bunch of benefits for so many different beneficiaries. Let me give you a few examples in the following blog mini-series, highlighting a few target groups that would benefit from our concept:

  • The world traveler part 1: medication
  • The world traveler part 2: health data wallet
  • The chronic pain patient
  • The fitness geek
  • The lady who caught a severe disease
  • The caring child
  • The healthy elderly
  • The smart doctor

Keep following us. Next week we will post the first story: “The world traveler part 1: Medication”

In the meantime, in order to learn more about healthbank, join the Telegram Channel and visit the website.