A vision to drive ambitious, long-term thinking about public healthcare

We are on the cusp of the biggest changes in healthcare in the history of medicine

The current public health system, designed to deal with acute illness, is not sustainable in an era dominated by long term chronic conditions and exponentially accelerating medical and technology advances.

And yet a potential solution is possible if we take a long-term and ambitious view.

In the year of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS, this major new report, commissioned by the Royal Free Hospital Charity, itself 190 years old this year, sets out to re-frame how we address the healthcare challenges of the 21st century.

The Vision fills a massive gap in the debate around the future of the public health system. By rolling forward 10–15 years six key ‘megatrends’ affecting healthcare and integrating them to re-imagine the possibilities for technology-enabled, person centred healthcare, the report applies system-level thinking that spans all the areas of healthcare and wellbeing.

There have been many calls for more long term thinking, vision and strategy from external commentators to the House of Lords. This report starts the process of filling that gap, providing a strawman, developed over more than a year, and inviting debate across the system.

The report describes the new capabilities likely to arrive at scale in the next 10–15 years and outlines a vision that can embrace these to offer:

  • Transformational improvements in the nation’s levels of health and wellbeing
  • A pathway to building a sustainable, integrated 21st Century public health and care system
  • An engine for economic growth and social renewal
Download the Summary report here.

Our ambition is to create a movement for shifting the focus of public discourse around the future of healthcare away from solely the short term, pessimistic attempts to shore up a system designed for a previous age towards galvanising the ambition and resources required to transition to a system fit to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

We hope you will join us helping to achieve this ambition.

We’re delighted to have attracted an incredible Steering Group of senior executives, drawn from across the sector, who are guiding us as the initiative develops. They are:

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