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Richard Gold
Jun 11, 2018 · 3 min read

The following graphics from the report describe the key elements of the vision:

Six megatrends across a wide range of disciplines:

From cells to cities- an extended definition of health and medicine:

Sensors in the body, on the body, around the body in homes, building and smart cities collecting actionable data across the wider landscape that can be used predictively and preventatively:

Beyond the static record of the EHR — progressively accurate predictive models of health outcomes will become possible:

Three core elements of the future healthcare system — the person at the centre of health and wellbeing conversations; a digital health coach providing “always on” advice and a link with healthcare professionals; and a radically different healthcare ecosystem:

A progressive move from expensive hospital treatment towards the community and eventually the individual:

A powerful value proposition — both financially and in quality of life: increasing the proportion of life spent free from disease, better identification of risks, more efficient management of long term conditions and reduction of time lived in full time care:

A stepped description of how the vision would be implemented, moving from a siloed healthcare system focused on fixing disease and a patient who submits him/herself to the system when illness strikes; to an integrated system — focused on wellness which wraps itself around a fully empowered individual in control of managing their health and supported when things go wrong:

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