Don’t Miss HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount: Last Three Weeks on Kickstarter

It’s the last three weeks for Kickstarter’s one and only RGB LED Light Screen Mount that cares for your eyes. You wouldn’t want to miss improving atmospheric lighting in and around your screen at the same time, allowing for a more exceptional gaming experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! It’s the best addition to serious RGB pc gaming setups!

HealthCare Family is dedicated to developing new and innovative ways of improving healthcare for all, and is now focusing on bringing a better lighting experience to screens worldwide with a unique asymmetrically optical design and elegant high quality light beads, scientific counterweight via dual-damping brackets, and super high color matching of up to 6500K!

Make both gaming and office life more enjoyable with HealthCare Family’s LightSaber Screen Mount. The one and only RGB LED Light Screen Mount that cares for your eyes. Great for work, best for gaming!

Support it on Kickstarter and make this an addition to your RGB setups for a healthier work space/gaming environment at home!

HealthCare Family, a Pioneer in the Healthcare Industry, wishes for your support with the initiative of helping to provide more protective healthcare equipment to the general public in dire need.

Please contact for more information or visit our new website at or You may also visit any of our crowdfunding platform pages:




Please like and follow our Social Media Channels to get the latest updates:








HealthCare Family, previously known as Healthbot Care, is a Pioneer in the Healthcare Industry with a vision focused solely on creating a future where anyone can avail of proper healthcare at any time.

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