HealthCare Family’s Fully Washable, Reusable and Extremely Comfortable Protective Ionic Velvet Mask: A Mask Made for All

HealthCare Family’s Fully Washable, Reusable and Extremely Comfortable Protective Ionic Velvet Mask was made to fit everyone and is suitable for all ages as it provides a negative ion protective layer with the added benefit of a natural everyday wear, as well as the repelling of harmful environmental pollutants.

It is very much suitable for children or babies. We actually have both adult and children’s size masks which you can freely choose to order on the survey reward which will be sent to the final list of paid pledges from Kickstarter when our campaign is up. It has no negative side effects to their bodies and no part of the mask can be consumed orally.

Preview Link is now available:

Purchase one for yourself or your family.

Only on Kickstarter.

HealthCare Family, a Pioneer in the Healthcare Industry, wishes for your support with the initiative of helping to provide more protective masks to the general public in dire need by designing an easily washable, reusable and cost-efficient alternative to disposable surgical masks and expensive N95 masks.

Please contact for more information or visit our new website at or You may also visit any of our crowdfunding page platforms:




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HealthCare Family, previously known as Healthbot Care, is a Pioneer in the Healthcare Industry with a vision focused solely on creating a future where anyone can avail of proper healthcare at any time.

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