HealthCare Family’s Newly Relaunced Vadur 360 Upgraded Sizes Revealed

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to announce and make official the newly upgraded sizes of HealthCare Family’s Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie in this our re-launch! Specifically, its accompanying TLSO back brace sizes are now as follows:

Nowadays, TLSO (Thoracolumbosacral) back-braces have become a common innerwear for most people to correct posture (Scoliosis). As such, we have created the world’s first inter-laced back-brace and face shield, built-in on an all-in-one hooded outerwear for high-fashion this new year. We specifically crafted the TLSO back-brace used in the Vadur 360 with much lighter weight and lesser bulk compared to other TLSO braces to complement whatever you wish to wear fabulously!

So if you’re having back-brace problems, no matter what your concerns are, (be it the brace being too noticeable or uncomfortable) the Vadur 360 is here to help! It’s special TLSO braces were designed to adjust and accommodate to each and every wearer’s specific measurements. With just a little ingenuity, you will definitely be able to promote better visual balance and overall comfort with the all-new Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie. This is especially true for young women who’ve always wished to express themselves more with their own unique sense of style but have had back problems. Take the opportunity for a better back-brace personalized to fit your very own fashion style!

Be unique in your own way because you are! Inspire yourself and live a better life with HealthCare Family’s Vadur 360 Shield Hoodie. A handmade craft specifically made just for you.

Get HealthCare Family’s Washable & Reusable Vadur 360 Back-braced Shield Hoodie with a very low Kickstarter relaunch price: As much as 70% off for you and your whole family!

Exclusively on Kickstarter

HealthCare Family, a Pioneer in the Healthcare Industry, wishes for your support with the initiative of helping to provide more protective items to the general public in dire need by designing an easily washable, reusable and cost-efficient alternative to disposable surgical masks and expensive N95 masks.

Please contact for more information or visit our new website at or You may also visit any of our crowdfunding platform pages:




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HealthCare Family, previously known as Healthbot Care, is a Pioneer in the Healthcare Industry with a vision focused solely on creating a future where anyone can avail of proper healthcare at any time.

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