The Proper Usage of Face Masks

It’s not a surprise how many places in all countries worldwide are duly recommending the use of any type of face mask, medical or non-medical alike, to defend against the spread of COVID-19, a disease that has caused countless deaths in the wake of the global pandemic. As such, many have bought or even made their very own face coverings (for those who couldn’t buy due to the short supply) but no one really knows how to properly use or care for them.

First of all, it should be noted that one person is supposed to have at least two as a back up mask that’s freshly cleaned is needed if the other one is currently dirty and being washed. One should also consider their specific schedules and/or lifestyles. Ideally, staying at home most, if not all the time is the best course of action is this time of uncertainty. Everyone is also advised to make sure to wear a clean mask whenever they go someplace outsides where it may be a challenge to maintain physical distancing consistently. Proper social distancing must be exercised by being at least 6 feet away from others.

Protective masks must always be worn and kept on until completely finished with a trip, errand or work shift. While you can remove it outside, and nothing can really stop you from doing so, it’s inadvisable unless away at a considerable distance from any other people in the vicinity, or at the very least in your car if on the way home. Face masks must always be taken inside to be cleaned as well, never leave it out to hang. This is also why it’s best to generally just wait to take off face mask coverings until after having returned home, as it’s easier to put it directly into the laundry without any germs or harmful particles entering. As you may all be able to tell, albeit the decrease in levels of danger projected by the media, the coronavirus pandemic is still and will be here to stay unless a vaccine is found.

As such, the best mask to wear for protection against all kinds of viruses and harmful particulate matter in the air is still an N95 mask. This is the same type of mask that Healthbot Care, a Healthcare Industry Pioneer, wishes for your support to create with the initiative of helping to provide more protective masks to healthworkers and frontliners in dire need of them by designing an easily washable, reusable and cost-efficient alternative to disposable surgical masks and expensive N99 masks.

In an effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, you can help us create an innovative and state-of-the-art N95 mask by pledging any amount. We understand that a lot of people have been hit hard by the economic problems caused by coronavirus so if you’re not in a position to donate, please help share it. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

As a form of gratitude to those who pledge to support the creation of our Reusable N95 protective masks, Healthbot Care is happy to give each and every supporter a 50% off pre-sale price based on reward tiers:

- 1 Reusable N95 Mask for every $20 pledge

- 1 Reusable N95 Mask + 5 Filters for every $30 pledge

- 2 Reusable N95 Masks + 10 Filters for every $40 pledge

Available in three colors at launch: White, Black, Silver

Resellers are encouraged (HC logo can be removed or customized).

Please contact for more information.

Remember, Healthbot Care needs YOUR help to create these masks for the betterment of our world in this time of need. Please help fund this project via:




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