Road to 3DHEALS 2017 Global Conference: Not Just A Conference, But A Beginning

While 3D printing is a 30-year-old technology, its applications are still believed to be in its infancy stage. Expiring patents, lower cost printers, more materials, improved healthcare specific software allow for more players to get involved and the identification of new opportunities in the healthcare vertical. Although still a small percentage of total manufacture market share, the tremendous potential of healthcare 3D printing is undeniable in the overnight transformations of the orthodontics (i.e. Invisalign) and hearing aid industries.

It is expected that this field will grow exponentially in the near future. However, being inspired by the vibrant startup culture of Silicon Valley and San Francisco, we had this not-so-crazy idea to bring technologists and healthcare providers under one roof to create meaningful healthcare products for the betterment of humanity. Some are even considering this powerful new tool, 3D printing, as comparable to the internet and the computer industry. Therefore, we created 3DHEALS about two years ago to achieve that goal.

Since our inception, we have successfully created five events in SF, drawing attention from various sectors ranging from the healthcare providers, innovators, to regulatory/legal experts, healthcare systems, and more. It made us realize that it takes a village to make revolution happen, and that many challenges can only be overcome by a well-organized ecosystem. We are hoping that by organizing this global event, 3DHEALS will contribute to fostering this burgeoning yet still fragile ecosystem.

We welcome everyone who is actively engaged or simply interested in the application of 3D printing (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) technology to join this new global community. This includes, but not limited to, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, designers, legal experts and regulators. Our audience will be comprised of those interested in the medical and dental application of 3D printing technologies, bio-printing, and those interested in the regulatory and legal issues related to digital manufacturing, among others.

Come and join this vibrant new community and see you in 2017 in SF!