Interview with Renato
Valdés Olmos — Head of Design at Honor

Healthcare + Design Episode #2

Hayden Mills
May 23, 2016 · 23 min read
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Can you explain your design career thus far and how your journey has led you to Honor?

You won some awards for Human. Did Seth know your work from Human and what you did there? How did you find one another?

Human — Activity & Calorie Tracker

What is Honor and why have you chosen to design in healthcare?

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Are there any personal reasons or stories behind why you want to design for the elderly and home care industry?

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered during your time working at Honor?

What ways were you able to really understand the home care space and the users you were designing for? Any more examples like making the product team volunteer as care volunteers?

How big is your design team at Honor? How do you manage that team? How do you interact with the developers?

Many head designers managing design teams don’t get to design themselves anymore. Do you still get your hands dirty and help design or are you mostly managing the designers designing the products?

What does the design process look like at Honor? How do take something from an idea to a fully implemented feature?

Honor — Care pro app

You said your designers code. Are you taking your sketches straight to a coded high quality prototype every time on your design team?

From a service design perspective, how do you find the best care professionals and what does the onboarding process look like?

Speaking of bottlenecks, there are a lot of regulations in healthcare. Are you running into that with the home health service Honor is providing?

You have a lot of users to care for with the elderly user, the family of the elderly person, and the care pros. I’m sure you have a lot of data coming in all over the place. How do you design with all that data and use it to make informed design decisions to empower users?

Where do you see yourself and Honor going in the next 5 years?

You talked about how Human got you personally healthy. How do you yourself remain healthy today?

The Honor Run Club

As a designer, where do you get your inspiration from? Are there any companies inside and out of the healthcare space that you are inspired by?

Renato taking his design team to a musuem

What’s some advice you can give to young designers or younger startups struggling to design inside the mess that is healthcare in the United States?

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Healthcare + Design

A glimpse into the complex challenges designers are facing at healthcare startups and how they are overcoming them

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Healthcare + Design

A glimpse into the complex challenges designers are facing at healthcare startups and how they are overcoming them