Global Startup Grind: Pros and Cons on Exhibiting Your Startup

This year Healthgig had the privilege of being invited to exhibit at #SGGlobal in the ‘Grind’ startup category. Healthgig is an online marketplace that directly connects companies and clinicians to fill jobs and manage credentials 10x faster. For context, we just launched in February 2019 and are an early stage startup, pre-revenue and pre-financing.

We were thrilled to be selected from thousands who applied, but due to associated costs and being so early, we had to think long and hard about exhibiting. In the end, we attended and are glad for the experience and connections we cultivated in Silicon Valley.

Calgary, Alberta entrepreneurs meetup at #SGGlobal 2019

For those considering exhibiting, below is a summary of our experience that we hope will help in your decision making.


  • Speakers were amazing and extremely insightful!
  • Networking with startup colleagues was invaluable
  • Meeting and engaging with investors
  • Marketing and media exposure


  • Missing a day of great speakers to exhibit was hard
  • Limited attendees from the healthcare space [our clients & users]
  • Exhibitors area mostly visited by startup founders or businesses wanting to provide services to startups

If we could do it all again, we might consider simply attending the conference versus exhibiting. Although the pre-conference exposure for exhibitors was excellent, on-site exposure was not as meaningful for us in particular as an early stage healthcare startup. Nonetheless, it was an awesome experience and we look forward to attending again in the future!