The Strangest Secret in Modern Medicine

There’s strange secret modern medicine.

One we all know, but we don’t like to think about. Let me give you a clue…

How many medicines can you name that CURE a disease?

hmm… not to many I would think. How many diseases can you name, that can be cured by medicines? Of course, no medicine cures every case, but how many diseases can usually be cured by a medicine?

Let’s see, there’s infection — bacterial infection, cured by antibiotics. There’s pneumonia, a lung infection, cured by antibiotics. There’s an abscessed tooth, or an infected tooth, cured by antibiotics. Antibiotics cure infections by killing the bacteria. Sometimes, there are side effects, because antibiotics also kill healthy bacteria. But they definitely cure. It’s worth noting that the most over-prescribed medicines today are antibiotics. They cure so well, that doctors often prescribe them for diseases they can’t cure.

Any more? Well, there are antiviral medications, for viral infections. Do they actually ‘cure’. They don’t actually kill, nor remove the virus — the just disable it’s actions in some way. That is a cure when it works.

So, we can cure bacterial infections with medicines, and we can cure viral infections with medicines. Anything else? hmm… Not much. There are a few obscure cases, but not many.

Take a trip to your local ‘alternative health’ store or website and check out the shelves. You might notice something interesting. There are lots of ‘alternative medicines’. But, look closely, read the fine print. None of them cure. So why do they sell?

They sell because the ‘pharmaceutical medicines’ they are competing with don’t cure either. You can read that fine print too.

After all, if there was a cure, would you take an ‘alternative’? If there is a cure, you don’t need an alternative, you just need the cure.

For every ‘alternative medicine’ in the alternative health store, there is a ‘pharmaceutical medicine’ in the pharmacy that doesn’t cure either. If either did cure, the other would have no buyers.

So. There’s the srange fact about medicine today. Many alternative medicines don’t actually cure anything. But they sell well, because pharmaceutical medicines don’t actually cure the exact same diseases. It’s all smoke and no cures. All sizzle, and no steak.

So all the discussion, debate, argument, even the science about alternative medicines vs pharmaceutical medicines is really about “which medicine doesn’t cure the best?”

Can this be true? It is true. If the alternative medicine could actually cure, there would be no need for the pharmaceutical medicine. If the pharmaceutical medicine could actually cure, there would be no need for the alternative medicines.

We don’t need alternative medicines for bacterial infections, because antibiotics work very well at curing bacterial infections. No alternative medicine can compete. But it’s worth remembering where antibiotics came from. They were created by nature, the same way many alternative medicines are created.

There are no pharmaceutical medicines for deficiency diseases like scurvy, beri-beri, Vitamin A deficiency night blindness, etc. because healthy foods, the first alternative medicines, cure them very well. No pharmaceutical medicine can work for these diseases.

The only diseases where alternative medicines and pharmaceutical medicines are actually able to dispute the territory, is where neither has a cure. When there are no cures, you can choose the ‘non-cure’ medicine you prefer — because it doesn’t really make much difference.

Think about the common cold. Everyone knows the common cold is ‘incurable’ with medicines. Head over to your local pharmacy, and you will see dozens of medicines that don’t cure common cold. Drop by your alternative health store — and you will find dozens of different medicines that don’t cure the common cold. The common cold not hard to cure, but it is cured by health, and by time. If you are healthier, it is cured faster. If you are less healthy, it’s cured slower.

What about science? What about all those double blind, placebo controlled, clinical studies? What about all the research published in prestigious medical journals? Doesn’t science tell us which medicines cure?

Science is all about the debate, not about the cures. Most medicines and most treatments tested in clinical studies simply do not cure anything. There is little need to measure the effectiveness of a ‘cure’ against the effectiveness of another cure in a clinical study. Read the fine print, and you will see that most clinical studies, measure which medicines “don’t cure” the best.

What about cancer, heart disease, diabetes? What if we find pharmaceutical medicines for these diseases? Well, we haven’t, and we won’t. Most of the organizations that raise funds for these diseases have assumed, even stated that no cure is available. They work to teach us how to ‘live with our disease’. We’ve had a ‘war against cancer’ for more than 40 years, and no pharmaceutical medicines can cure breast cancer — one of the most common cancers, and no alternative medicines can cure it either.

Let’s look at diabetes. Why? Because we know how to cure many cases of Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes can only be cured with health. Diabetes arises when the pancreas and the liver are unhealthy in specific ways, and it is cured when we ‘health’ our pancreas and our liver.

But health is slow. And health, in the case of diabetes, is difficult work for the patient. There is no ‘quick fix’ medicine for diabetes, nor for cancer, nor for heart disease. It is likely, in every case, that the only real cure is health. The slow, steady, hard work of health.

Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and arthritis are not ‘fast diseases’. They are not like infections, that grow swiftly and kill if you don’t get an antibiotic. No-one becomes obese, or cancerous, or diabetic, or arthritic in a week, or a month, even a year. These illnesses are a result of slow, steady deterioration of healthiness.

These disease can only be cured by slow, steady improvements in healthiness. Hopefully, faster than the disease came.

Obesity can be cured. I’ll bet you know someone who has cured their weight problem. Did they cure it with medicines? Not likely. I know people who have tried to cure their obesity with medicines. It doesn’t work. The only cure is health. Health is slow. Health is work, and the work doesn’t stop. If someone is 150 pounds overweight, and they lose 150 pounds in 10 weeks, or in a year, are they ‘cured’? No. To be cured, the cause must be removed. A quick, or slow diet that loses 150 pounds is not a cure, unless the patient learns to eat healthier, such that the disease does not return.

How can you tell if someone’s obesity is cured? If they lose the weight, and keep it off afterwards, they are cured. But, just like a bacterial infection, if they return to the same behaviors, they will contract a new case of obesity. If the go on a ‘quick loss diet’, on the other hand, or take a pharmaceutical medicine, or an alternative medicine to ‘lose weight’, the weight problem might go into remission, but it won’t be cured.

The cure for Type 2 Diabetes takes, on average, 8 weeks. Like obesity, once cured — the diabetic can easily create a new case of diabetes, by engaging in the same behaviors, by making the same choices, that result in the same unhealthiness in the pancreas and liver that brought the first case of diabetes. But, if they change their behaviors, exchange their eating habits for healthier habits, the cure is — as far as we know — permanent.

Medicine has a hard time recognizing a ‘cure’ in a chronic disease. How can you tell if someone’s diabetes is cured? If all of the signs and symptoms of diabetes disappear, and the patient can hold this status through change in diet and exercise habits, then the diabetes was cured. If the patient reverts back to the old habits, the disease will return.

But, if you visit your “alternative health” store, or read the “alternative health” pages on the internet you will see many treatments for diabetes. Treatments — yes. Cures? No. And when a diabetic visits their doctor, they will find many pharmaceutical treatments for diabetes. Treatments — yes. Cures? No.

That’s the strangest secret in modern medicine. There is no difference between “alternative medicines that don’t cure” and “pharmaceutical medicines that don’t cure”. In both cases, in many diseases there is only one best cure.

The only cure is health.

to your health, tracy
Originally published at on July 21, 2015.

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