Theory of Cure

Thousands of years of medicine, and no “theory of cure”? Is medicine a science? There are a few pseudo theories of cure. Freud created one (or was it several) for mental illness. Homeopathy says “like cures like”, but does not actually practice cures — like all current fields of medicine, choosing ‘treatment’ over cure. Treatments are financially lucrative. Cures are not.

What is the theory of cure? It’s almost trivial. Everyone knows it, but nobody has bothered to write it down. To work it out. Here it is.

What is a disease? If we cannot clearly define disease, we cannot create a theory of cure, and without a theory of cure, we will only drift from one magical medicine to the next.

Disease: an abnormal, active, negative condition.

First Principle: Every Disease Can Be Cured.

If it cannot be cured, it is not a disease. It might be a handicap, a feature, an attribute, a deficiency, but if it cannot be cured, it is not a disease.

Classes of disease are not diseases, and cannot be cured. Only individual cases of a disease can be cured.

Principle: Every Disease has Active Causes.

Principle: Every Disease has an Active Progression.

Diseases are active. Handicaps, deficiencies, attributes exist, but do not grow and change. Diseases are active because they have active causes.

Healing: Healing occurs while the disease is active, and after it is cured.

Cure: A disease is cured when the progression is stopped by removing, or disrupting key causes.

When a disease is cured, there may be permanent damage that cannot be healed, that cannot be cured. But when the progression is stopped, the disease is cured.

to your health, tracy


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