Going Organic.

According to The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit research organization,

“By the age of 5, millions of children have ingested up to 35 percent of a lifetime’s worth of exposure to carcinogenic pesticides.”

Mass-producing food for our growing world population is not always a walk in the park. They amount of time, land, resources, and labor to produce enough food for the United States population is shocking. The foods that are available for us are often sprayed with harmful pesticide or animals we eat are injected with chemicals. The main way to avoid these additives is by shopping organic.

Although I understand the importance of “consciously consuming,” I tend to hesitate when it comes down to choosing the pricier organic item over the cheaper alternatives. I decided to give another option a chance. I decided that I would order a “Door to Door Organics” delivery box for a month trial.

Door to Door Organics box

Sitting down with Anne Metcalfe, a longtime customer, I got a better idea of why she loves her delivery box.

“I’m busy. Well, we're all so busy all the time, it seriously takes away a huge stress for me and I don’t every have to worry about having fresh fruits and veggies on hand.”

Going on to explain that they make it even easier by allowing you to swap items before the usual delivery date online. You can switch your regular bundle of carrots for a few zucchinis if you feel like mixing things up! You can even get organic meats, milk or whatever you really need.

I signed up for my box and anxiously awaited its arrival. It was a bit strange because I had to stop myself from grocery shopping when I felt the urge to restock my fridge, but that was all part of the change.

Less grocery shopping — more fruits and veggies!

I have to admit, I loved getting my box. I had everything I needed and just when I started to run out, my next box came! I was stocked and felt like I ate much more fresh stuff because it was always ripe and ready. Best of all, I was never worried about pesticides and chemicals, everything in the box is organic.

Organic Farm

The boxes are pricey but think of it like this: you could eat that meat from an animal that has been fed an all-corn diet that was grown with pesticides in a factory farm for three or four dollars less OR you could purchase a cut of meat from a farmer who fed his cow an all-natural diet, allowed the animal to exercise and roam freely and live a fulfilling life. Buying the box might be a little pricey and you may not be making monumental changes globally by going organic, but you are acting consciously for your own well-being and supporting organic farmers.

Feed your family and friends the good stuff. Keep toxic chemicals out of your body. Embrace happy animals and farms that hold these values, and most importantly — live consciously!